One of the most valuable things I have learned to do during this illness is to keep an accurate record of events on a daily basis. Not simply to remind you of your progress but because the doctors and specialists that treat you will ask for specific information. If you can’t remember or if you relay inaccurate information then you may not receive the most successful treatment. For example, telling doctors that your face has been numb for weeks may lead to unecessary scans as damage to the cranial nerve will only affect the motor function (movement) of the face.

To help new sufferers, family, friends or the plain curious understand how Ramsay Hunt Syndrome or Bell’s palsy affects people I have opened the Diary section to all contributors. Read about real life experiences, see how people have coped both physically and mentally, look at the treatments available and be aware of what lies ahead.

If you have been recently diagnosed then take comfort in a little pre-knowledge and be reassured that we are all here to help.

Send me an email via the Contact Form or post a message on the Forum if you want to share your story.

Personal Experiences

  • Rob’s Diary
    My battle with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome started on the 5th February 2003. This is my account. 
  • Janine’s Diary
    Janine is a friend from Martinez, CA USA who I recently met through a Bell’s palsy forum. She has kept a diary of her fight with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and would like to share her story with our visitors.
  • Greg’s Diary
    Greg was diagnosed with BP on the 3rd March 2003 and is making a remarkable recovery. Within 2 weeks he has recovered by more than 80%. Read his diary.
  • Lin’s Diary
    Lin was diagnosed with BP in 1998. After many months she recovered only to have a relapse in 1999 and 2001. The doctors had misdiagnosed a case of Lyme Disease. Read her story.
  • Liz’s Diary
    Liz is a primary school teacher from the UK who started with a pain at the top of her head at the end of February 2003. After a week she was told she had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome…
  • Barbara’s Diary
    Barbara is an artist who lives in Long Island, New York. In March 2003 she started feeling slight pains behind her right ear which she thought was an ear infection. A few days later she was struck by Bells palsy and after vesicles appeared around her ear it was confirmed as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.
  • Daniel’s Diary
    Daniel is 29 years old and from Sweden. He started off with some rashes and swelling around the ear which soon led to tinnitus and severe ear pains. Worried that his symptoms may be the start of RHS he approached several doctors, determined to be treated.
  • Martin’s Diary
    Martin is a 25 year old IT analyst from the UK who felt his first symptoms at the end of June 2003. Seven days later he developed Bells palsy, an illness which had struck both his mother and uncle in the past but this time it was accompanied by severe pain. He was subsequently diagnosed with RHS.
  • Janet’s Diary
    Janet was 30 years old when she had RHS. That was ten years ago in 1993 but even now she still suffers from some of the symptoms.
  • Nik’s Diary
    This diary was submitted by Nik, a 30 year old IT consultant from Chicago who started experiencing head pains around his ear and neck in August 2003. After 3 days he was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy and 7 days later RHS.
  • Gary’s Diary
    Since January 2002 Gary has suffered 3 bouts of facial paralysis. The first time it was diagnosed as Bells palsy but on two other occasions it was Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.
  • Raul’s Diary [Spanish / Español]
    Raul is a graphics designer from Mexico City and in August 2003 he started experiencing severe neck pains. After the onset of facial paralysis and ear problems he was diagnosed with RHS.

    Raul es Diseñador Gráfico, vive en la Ciudad de México y en agosto de 2003 comenzó a experimentar severos dolores en el cuello. Después del inicio de los problemas de oído y de parálisis facial lo diagnosticaron con Sindrome de Ramsay Hunt..
  • Bruce’s Diary
    Bruce’s Ramsay Hunt goes back to 1992 but even now he is left with some residual paralysis and problems.
  • Fran’s Diary
    Fran’s story began in October 2003 when she woke with a sore scalp on the right hand side. Over the next 7 days she devloped all the familiar symptoms of RHS.